HOME OFFICE                                

Verse 1

You're in home office

The whole day long you're on the phone

There's no need to ask

What happened last, I hear it all day long


Clean up the room

It is on Zoom

I'm never alone

Cause your always always at home


Why's your phone on silence

Is it your office affair?

Shall I really feel bad for her?

No more waiting in the evenings

I can call and you are there

It even safes us childcare

Home Office is in the air


Verse 2

Since you're bored you start home shopping

The mailman is now your best friend

Every day you keep on checking

About the next fashion trend


Since your office is empty

Zoom meetings are plenty

When does Home Office

Come to an end?


Have you really put on so much weight

Too much food on each single plate

What an impact on your heart rate

Waist no paid time for dressing,

Only an old shirt on top,

No one sees the lower part

Home office's a special art


Have your snack food on a tray

Netflix the entire day

How great to live your life this way

Your new dog needs some movement

Going out's an improvement

Take him for a great long walk

Home Office is a freedom lock

Lyrics: Gabriele Zeindler/Jonah Zemo