The Sparkling Book

A musical for young talents / libretto available in German and English, songs in English

The Sparkling Book is the story of Marco, who gets a beautiful book from the library. Unfortunately, the book is empty inside and only has white pages, but it glitters so beautifully on the outside. Marco would like to keep it, so he brings an old book of his back to the library. Since The Sparkling Book is very sad about this, Marco sets off to the library to secretly exchange the books. There, he meets three friendly library ghosts who have a great time there during the nights....the story takes its course.

Music and lyrics by Gabriele Zeindler / Tosca's Run

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Available materials: Libretto in German or English (approx. 8 A4- pages), lyrics (English) with chords, music with lead singer, music with lead piano part and music purely instrumental (all 6 songs are recorded in three versions).
The performance time is an estimated 50 minutes.
The musical is well suited for children and young music talents (6-20 years old).